Lighting is one of my favorite things to do. There is no way to put all of the different ones I have done and some of the pictures here may be bench photos just before delivery. I don't think any studio anywhere offers the range or originality of lighting mine does. When the light switch is flipped, art should happen. I favor using pure transparent colors and crystal bulbs so that a myriad of pattern and color is projected. The "slag" or opalescent "Tiffany" style of glass has a glow, but not the vibrancy of transparent color. I employ a technique of open leading I developed to lighten the feel of my work and hand facet heavily textured pieces from inch thick slabs for brilliance and richness. You may also find slate and beveled glass in my lights. You choose the color motif for your space and the sort of decor you like and I will create something beautiful for you. indoors or out. I am disappointed in homes I see in architecture magazines with grand buildings lit with over expensive catalog lights purchased with huge markups. Your purchase at this studio will go entirely into time and material. I hope to build something for you.

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