What’s going on

I add new things to Facebook as they occur, so becoming a friend there will be one way of keeping up with what’s going on in the studio. I really add a lot to my collections and additions sometimes come in spurts. I get excited by some new tangent and do a series. I will make six or eight pieces and see if they sell. then either expand or move on. I have unusual taste so sometimes things I am excited about, and maybe even my fans like, are slow to move, and I go off in another direction. I am fast. I get an idea and I HAVE to make it before it goes away.  My showroom is full of experiments, one offs as well as my proven collection, so come visit.

I love doing a bunch of Larimar  cabochon mirrors for a native American jewelry shop in Maine. The jewels came from Central America and the mirrors sold for several thousands of dollars each. Larimar is  a beautiful stone to look at and touch.

Naema, just before leaving for the south of France. One of the nicest settings I will ever place glass in.

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